Thursday, 10 January 2019

The last concert before the turn of the year: The Heard & Jonathan Hultén in Stockholm

As mentioned a few days ago, two nights prior to New Year's Eve, we crossed the Baltic Sea and saw The Heard performing live at "Debaser Strand" in Sweden's capital Stockholm. Some snapshots of the show can be found on my additional blog "Sound Kitchen Archives" now:

Unlike the other three gigs that we attended in 2018, The Heard had a support act, namely Jonathan Hultén (Tribulation). Here is an audiovisual impression of Jonathan Hultén performing "Nightly Sun"...

Without a doubt, 2018 was a rather quiet year in terms of concert visits, just like 2017 (Only four concert visits per year). The hope is that there will be more action in 2019, but then again: Quality over quantity. We simply have to wait and see what the year 2019 will bring in terms of Rock'n'Roll... 

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

As usual, I'm a few days late, but: Happy New Year 2019, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

We spent New Year's Eve 2018 / 2019 for the first time ashore in Turku / Finland and had a lovely Japanese New Year with friends, including the traditional Japanese New Year decoration "Kagami mochi" [Japanese for: "mirror rice cake"]... 

Two nights prior to New Year's Eve, we crossed the Baltic Sea, though, and saw The Heard performing live at "Debaser Strand" in Sweden's capital Stockholm. The Heard is a relatively new project consisting of three-fourths of Crucified Barbara (Klara Force, Ida Evileye and Nicki Wicked), Deathstars bassist Jonas "Skinny Disco" Kangur and burlesque performer Pepper Potemkin. 

More about the show can be found on this very blog very soon... Stay tuned! 


Friday, 16 November 2018

Rock'n'Roll in Turku with The Flaming Sideburns

As promised a few days ago, some snapshots of the Flaming Sideburns show at "Dynamo Klubi" in Turku / Finland on last week's Saturday (10th November 2018) can be found on my additional blog "Sound Kitchen Archives" now:

Two days after the show, The Flaming Sideburns posted the following statement on their facebook page: "Some people claim that rock and roll is dead but obviously no-one's informed The Flaming Sideburns of the tragic news." I couldn't agree more, and I can't remember the last time I looked forward to a gig so much. In times of VIP ticket packages, instagramania and spectacularisation overall, it is truly a relief to see that they still exist: Bands that just rock. Bands whose shows deliver quintessential Rock'n'Roll. Bands like The Flaming Sideburns. 

By the way: Their merchandising rocks, too...

Trophies of the day: A tote bag and a poster

Last but not least, here is an audiovisual impression of the band's performance at "Dynamo Klubi"... Enjoy!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Launch of the additional blog "Sound Kitchen Archives"

For me, this week began with the launch of an additional blog, called "Sound Kitchen Archives". As the name suggests, "Sound Kitchen Archives" is first and foremost an archive of my older works, particularly works that cannot be found on the world wide web (anymore).

I've been thinking about such a blog for a very long time, and after a wonderful weekend with my love and friends of ours in Finland's capital Helsinki, I decided more or less spontaneously to finally just go for it.

More about the idea behind "Sound Kitchen Archives" can be found here:

With the additional blog, I can also keep my professional life and my private life more separated from each other. But don't worry: Both blogs will be updated equally. 

Coming up next are some snapshots of The Flaming Sideburns who played a show in our hometown Turku / Finland last night... Stay tuned! 


Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Celebrating our birthdays with The Local Band in Tampere

There are only three months left of the year 2018, and in terms of concerts, the year 2018 has been rather quiet so far. Only two concert visits. 

The second concert was in July 2018 when the Michael Monroe Band played a show in Salo / Finland

The first concert was in March 2018 when we celebrated our birthdays with The Local Band at "Tullikamarin Pakkahuone" in Tampere / Finland. Here are some snapshots of said gig, plus a video... Enjoy!


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Rock'n'Roll in Salo with the Michael Monroe Band

As promised two days ago, here are some snapshots of the Michael Monroe Band which performed in Salo / Finland on last week's Thursday (26th July 2018)... Enjoy! ♥ 


Monday, 30 July 2018

New YouTube channel up and running, first video uploaded

Finally, my new YouTube channel is up and running, called "Stefanie Nysand [Sound Kitchen]" (

The very first video I just uploaded there is the one of the always amazing Michael Monroe Band which performed in Salo / Finland last week... Enjoy! ♥ 

Further pictures of the event will be posted on this very blog soon. 

Saturday, 2 June 2018

What has to be done, has to be done...

It is strange to see this part of our bedroom being so empty. It seems like it was yesterday when we furnished this part of our bedroom (even though it's almost six years ago...), but what has to be done, has to be done. Stagnation is death. 


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Movie Tip: Tavarataivas / My Stuff

"Minimalism" is one of those hot topics at the moment. A hip trend for some, a permanent lifestyle for others. There are countless blogs, books and documentary films on this topic. 

For professional reasons as well as out of private interest, I have dealt a little with this topic and reviewed, amongst others, the pink "decluttering bible" by Japanese Marie Kondo for "Utropia" [Since "Utropia", Northern Norway's biggest student magazine at that time, was carried to the grave altogether in February 2017, the online version of the corresponding print article cannot be linked anymore.]. 

When it comes to documentary films on this topic, Petri Luukkainen's "Tavarataivas" is by far the best one I've seen so far. 

In the middle of an existential crisis, the director and protagonist Petri Luukkainen decides to conduct a yearlong experiment: He rents a storage room, places all his belongings in there and is allowed to bring only one item per day back into his now empty apartment. Along the way, he tries to figure out what really matters in (his) life. 

"Tavarataivas" forgoes moral judgement. It's just an experiment. Refreshing, entertaining and humorous at the same time. And when the protagonist reflects or even philosophises during the experiment, you can do so for yourself at the same time. 

One nice dialogue in the movie, between Petri and his friend Eero, goes like this... 

Petri: "Then you'll buy your first bachelor's stuff. Then you get a girlfriend, and have to give it all up - when she wants something purple or more stylish, and so on. And now you have to get rid of this stuff, since you will have a kid. The grand finale is when your kids get into their teens. Finally you get a divorce. You'll get thrown out and everything starts from the beginning." 

Eero: "Right, the stages of life. That's how it goes." 


As a documentary film from Finland, "Tavarataivas" takes on a Finnish perspective, of course. As a person living in Finland, I appreciate this aspect very much. I have read some books and watched some documentary films on minimalism and consumer criticism, from different countries, and I often found the American perspective in particular rather strange. For instance while reading the book by an American couple without children who wanted to cut down in consumption for one year but drove three different cars and had two residences. In case of Petri Luukkainen, things are more down-to-earth. 

From a very subjective point of view, I probably like "Tavarataivas" also so much because the protagonist obviously lives in the same neighbourhood as I did a few years ago, namely in Helsinki-Vallila. He may even live in the same street (In the movie, he runs naked past my former apartment...). When I myself lived in Helsinki-Vallila, one of my dearest friends visited me and used the term "minimalism" in connection with my 17-square-metre studio apartment. Before that, I had never heard of this living concept. Just recently, the very same friend visited me in my current apartment in Turku, and we reminisced about my former home in Helsinki-Vallila. "The ideal of an apartment", as we both agree. 

"Tavarataivas" debuted in Finnish cinemas in 2013, was on screen also internationally under the title "My Stuff" and is meanwhile available on DVD. And consistent with the topic of the movie, the DVD comes in a slim DVD case. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Movie Tip: Hevi Reissu

Lately, I've been recommending this movie to a lot of people: "Hevi Reissu" [in English: "Heavy Trip"]. 

In short, it's a Finnish comedy movie about metal music, Finland, Norway and a road trip, featuring music by Lauri Porra (Stratovarius). Further details may give away too much of the plot, so I'll leave it at that, especially since the official movie trailer is NOT a summary of the movie's best moments. There will be surprises. And it is very refreshing to see such a movie from a Finnish respectively European perspective - and not "Made in Hollywood". It's worth every penny and still shown in cinemas in Finland's capital region. So if you have the chance: Don't miss it! \m/